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Past Journal Club Articles

Past Journal Club Articles

November 2015

Data Literacy — What It Is And Why None of Us Have It; AND Developing Data Literacy Programs: Working with Faculty, Graduate Students and Undergraduates.

The November Journal Club initiated a new program type: sponsored Journal Club meetings. The intention here is to broaden the scope of the articles we read so that the interests of more Library staff members are voiced. Siu Yu selected this month’s articles and facilitated the discussion on behalf of the LINC group. The conversation revolved around data literacy, and whether or not the Library should be facilitating workshops on the topic. There are some notable concerns if we decide to host a data literacy workshop, such as: finding the right audience to target, accurately describing the topic to attract the right students, and having specialists who are well-versed in the topic and have dedicated time to teach such a topic. Many thanks to those who participated, and to Siu for facilitating this session!

October 2015

Why Plagiarism Doesn’t Bother Me at All: A research-based overview of plagiarism as academic opportunity

The October Journal Club article sparked a good deal of discussion about plagiarism and how it is dealt with on Waterloo campus. While the article’s author is perhaps a bit lenient, we at the Library spent more time parsing through the details: how can we teach effective sharing through open access while still explaining the importance of giving credit? How can we adapt students to the mini-culture of a campus, understanding that an undergraduate degree is training for the world of academia? Is there a better way to use iThenticate as a teaching tool? In the end, we believed one of the most important factors to consider was intent – and I’ll admit that intentional plagiarism still bothers me quite a bit.


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