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LAUW’s Librarian to Librarian (L2L)

Ever wish you could just ask another librarian about a professional matter you’re thinking about? Perhaps you seek a second opinion about your career path or want to bounce an idea off of someone with an impartial or experienced perspective? The Librarians’ Association of the University of Waterloo’s L2L might be able to help.

L2L is …

  • available to LAUW members
  • an opportunity for you to talk to an experienced but impartial peer about a professional issue that’s on your mind
  • completely confidential
  • informal

L2L is not …

  • linked with Library administration
  • a legal service
  • a counselling service
  • involved in specific job training

Contact an L2L Volunteer

See the names and contact information for LAUW’s current L2L volunteers.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? It’s a great way to contribute. Read on