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Research Road Trip


This program is currently inactive. 

Craving a library land adventure? Hitch a ride on the LAUW Research Road Trip!

Graphic of a road along rolling hills with signposts along the way

The LAUW Research Road Trip was created to provide a basic structure for a supportive and inspired research community. These research communities, composed of University of Waterloo Librarians, will work together to explore a small scale research project. Following the project experience, the group can decide how/if to disseminate their findings with the wider LIS community, whether as a peer-reviewed journal article, conference presentation, or other form.

The LAUW Research Road Trip is a simple way to participate in the research process and gives Librarians the opportunity to identify a research question, develop a research plan, and prioritize project goals. If you decide to hitch a ride on this experience, you will be fully supported by a community of librarians with a common interest: doing original research on a small scale.


1 Comment

  1. Anne Fullerton says:

    Will you be posting updates about the ideas/projects people may work on? Or is the dialogue restricted to participants of the Road Trip?

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